Vydavateľ Penguin Classics
Počet strán 176
Rok vydania 2023
Jazyk Angličtina
Väzba Tvrdá väzba / Hardback
EAN 9780241614686
Adresa titulu https://www.artforum.sk/katalog/184768/a-spy-in-the-house-of-love
Beautifully designed and printed, these collectible editions are bound in colourful, tactile cloth and stamped with foil.Beautiful, bored and bourgeoise, Sabina leads a double life inspired by her relentless desire for fleeting romance. But when the secrecy of her affairs becomes too much to bear, Sabina makes a late night phone-call to a stranger from a bar, and begins a confession that captivates the unknown man and soon inspires him to seek her out...

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