Vydavateľ Granta Books
Počet strán 320
Rok vydania 2013
Jazyk Angličtina
Väzba Mäkká väzba / Paperback
EAN 9781847084231
Adresa titulu https://www.artforum.sk/katalog/184046/the-man-without-a-face-the-unlikely-rise-of-vladimir-putin
Virtually every obstacle to his unbridled control was removed and every opposing voice silenced, with political rivals and critics driven into exile or to the grave. Drawing on information and sources no other writer has tapped, Masha Gessen's fearless account charts Putin's rise from the boy who had scrapped his way through post-war Leningrad schoolyards, to the 'faceless' man who manoeuvred his way into absolute - and absolutely corrupt - power.

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