Vydavateľ SAGA Egmont
Verzia Neskrátená
Dĺžka 57 min.
Zvuk Angličtina
Adresa titulu https://www.artforum.sk/katalog/151858/b-j-harrison-reads-kaas-hunting-en
Bagheera, however, doubts Baloo’s teaching style. Mowgli is learning the language of the birds and snakes, but dreams of having his own tribe to lead through the branches all day. When Baloo and Bagheera hear the young boy’s words, they get angry. Will Mowgli learn the words of the birds and snakes? Or will he run away to create his own tribe? Who are the Monkey-People and Bandar-log, and what do they have in common with Mowgli? Find all the answers in the adventure short story "Kaa's Hunting" from 1894.

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