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B. J. Harrison Reads The Leopard Man's Story (EN)

London Jack | Elektronická audiokniha

"King" Wallace is a lion-tamer, who has been viciously murdered by a man who hated him. Now everyone wants to know who the murderer is.

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1,99 €

B. J. Harrison Reads Moby Dick (EN)

Melville Herman | Elektronická audiokniha

Ahab is the captain of a whaling ship named the Pequod. His great obsession with the giant whale, Moby Dick, makes him embark on a dangerous voyage.

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11,99 €

B. J. Harrison Reads Mixer Moves in Society (EN)

Wodehouse P.G. | Elektronická audiokniha

B. J. Harrison brings us yet another classic from the master of humor, P. G. Wodehouse. Our narrator is a sociable dog who goes by the name of Mixer.

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2,99 €

B. J. Harrison Reads If (EN)

Kipling Rudyard | Elektronická audiokniha

Some poems can really teach us something if we read carefully and understand the essence. This lyric poem by Kipling makes no difference.

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