Vydavateľ Zum Zum production
Verzia Skrátená
Dĺžka 3 hod. 2 min.
Zvuk Angličtina
Adresa titulu https://www.artforum.sk/katalog/100419/marina-submarina
What's more, it was loads of fun with them.We took a secret oath on the carousel with Jonas and Chris that would never go to school again because we would already know how to make movies! And so we didn’t spend holiday climbing trees and riding bikes, well, all right, we did, but only a little! But we were thoroughly looking for the film crew and actors, scrambling costumes, making up the plan, arranging placing for shooting and, of course, shooting!Experience film adventures, too, and shoot your own real movie with the help of this Audiobook!Your Marina Submarina!

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