Vydavateľ Second Run DVD
Dĺžka filmu 1 hod. 43 min.
Rok výroby 1969
Zvuk Čeština
Titulky Angličtina
Formát DVD
EAN 5060114151437
Adresa titulu https://www.artforum.sk/katalog/145315/a-case-for-a-rookie-hangman-pripad-pro-zacinajiciho-kata-dvd
This transgressive film, like his earlier surrealist triumph Josef Kilián (1963), greatly provoked the authorities and was promptly 'banned forever'. Jurácek, co-writer of Czech masterworks Daisies, Ikarie XB 1 and A Jester's Tale, was never allowed to direct another film - but his legacy and his commitment to poetic and political truth, remains one of the most profound, invigorating and important in all Czech cinema.

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