The Prince And The Pauper - 2 CD (audiokniha)

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The Prince And The Pauper - 2 CD (audiokniha)

Twain Mark

Originally written for children in 1881, The Prince and the Pauper relates the hilarious adventures of Tom Canty, a ragged street urchin who bears a striking resemblance to Edward VI, son of Henry VIII. Longing to experience the fun and excitement of the outside world, the young prince persuades Tom to exchange clothes, and in doing so, the two exchange places in society.

Vydavateľ Naxos AudioBooks
Verzia Skrátená
Dĺžka v minútach 2 hod. 37 min.
Rok vydania 2001
Zvuk Angličtina
EAN 9789626342268
Adresa titulu

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