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Adresa titulu https://www.artforum.sk/katalog/176211/prague-and-central-bohemia-2
The book offers its own theoretical perspective on the structuration of spatial patterns and the social environment, a general view of regionaldevelopment, and the main socio-spatial processes of the period after transition. Maps are an important part of this volume and concentrate crucial information within most chapters. Apart from the static information described in the maps, the book offers a look at current population “processes”, as hinted at by the subtitle of the publication. The presentation and evaluation of “processes” require more dynamic forms of cartographic visualisation and new methods of investigation. Among them, new tools of segregation measurement, various approaches for the use of mobile phone data, and an innovative form of population forecast are presented in the book. The common thread connecting all chapters is a regional focus on Prague and the Central Bohemian Region anda quantitative approach to comparing spatial patterns and regional processes.

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