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On This Modern Highway, Lost in the Jungle takes the reader on a journey crisscrossing the poets life and work, with particular attention to his travel writing and his dreams and memories of travel, as they mirror the book authors own life experience as a Czech scholar of Indonesia living in island Southeast Asia. Biebls poetry and travels are also the books point of departure for a broader exploration of the intersections of travel and poetry, the attitudes to colonial/social injustice, and the representation of otherness in Czech literary and visual imagination, beyond Biebls times. In its attention to how poetic travel reflects the Czech historical experience in the shadow of imperial nations, the book moves scholarly reflection on literary travel, modernity, and colonialism to a new ground. Jan Mrázek grew up in Czechoslovakia and lives on an island in the Malay Archipelago. He is Associate Professor in Southeast Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore and has published widely on Indonesia, seafaring, and Czech travel writing.

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