The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - 2 CD (audiokniha)

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - 2 CD (audiokniha)

Penguin Readers 1

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is the story of a boy’s adventures growing up in a small town on the banks of the Mississippi river over a hundred years ago. The cheerful, adventurous hero plays truant to form a pirate band and, together with his best friend, Huckleberry Finn, finds fun and excitement, and buried treasure, along the shores of the great river.

Vydavateľ Naxos AudioBooks
Verzia Skrátená
Dĺžka v minútach 2 hod. 38 min.
Rok vydania 2010
Zvuk Angličtina
EAN 9789626340806
Adresa titulu

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