Chilling Ghost Stories - 2 CD (audiokniha)

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Chilling Ghost Stories - 2 CD (audiokniha)

James M. R., Poe E. A., Wilde O., Bierce

A chilling collection of ghost stories containing Rats by M. R. James, The Raven and Berenice by Edgar Allan Poe, The Birthday of the Infanta by Oscar Wilde, A Tough Tussle by Ambrose Bierce and The Signalman by Charles Dickens. In Rats, Mr Thompson comes to regret his decision to investigate a locked room in a country inn, and in The Signalman, the subject of the story is haunted by ghostly appearances that always precede tragic events.

Vydavateľ Naxos AudioBooks
Verzia Skrátená
Dĺžka v minútach 2 hod. 27 min.
Rok vydania 1995
Edícia Classic Fiction
Zvuk Angličtina
EAN 9789626349113
Adresa titulu

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