Vydavateľ Picador
Počet strán 140
Rok vydania 2023
Jazyk Angličtina
Väzba Mäkká väzba / Paperback
EAN 9781447276289
Adresa titulu https://www.artforum.sk/katalog/178213/this-is-europe
Who has always called it home, and who has newly arrived from elsewhere? Who are the people who drive our long-distance lorries, steward our criss-crossing planes, lovingly craft our legacy wines, fish our depleted waters, and risk life itself in search of safety and a new start?
In a series of vivid, ambitious, darkly visceral but always empathetic portraits of other people's lives, Ben Judah invites us to meet them. Drawn from hours of painstaking interviews, these vital stories reveal a frenetic and vibrant continent which has been transformed by diversity, migration, the internet, climate change, Covid, war and the quest for freedom.
Laid dramatically bare, it may not always be a Europe we recognize - but this is Europe.

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