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Stoker Bram

Awareness of Dracula as a masterly gothic thriller has increased ever since its publication in 1897, and the novel is regarded as one of the most seminal horror stories of ever written, having...

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Dracula + CD

Stoker Bram

Draculu od irského spisovatele Sama brokera zná snad každý. Ve zjednodušené verzi je navíc doplněna českým překladem (po levé straně), slovníčkem, překladem frází a okomentováním gramatických jevů....

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Dracula / The Dracula + 2 CD

Stoker Bram

Román od irského spisovatele Brama Stokera je psaný formou deníků a dopisů. Vydobyl si v celém světě nebývalý úspěch, dočkal se divadelních i filmových zpracování. Proto jsme jej vybrali a...

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Joyce James

Don't you think there is a certain resemblance between the mystery of the Mass and what I am trying to do?...To give people some kind of intellectual pleasure or spiritual enjoyment by converting...

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Electrified Sheep

Boese Alex

Benjamin Franklin was a pioneering scientist, leader of the Enlightenment and founding father of the USA. But perhaps less well known is that he was also the first person to use artificial...

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Elephant Keepers' Children

Hoeg Peter

What would you do if your parents were con artists?Peter and Tilte are trying to track down two notorious criminals: their parents. They are the pastor and the organist, respectively, of the only...

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Márai Sándor

As darkness settles on a forgotten castle at the foot of the Carpathian mountains, two men sit down to a final meal together. They have not seen one another in forty-one years. At their last...

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Ender's Game

Card Orson Scott

The human race faces annihilation. An alien threat is on the horizon, ready to strike. And if humanity is to be defended, the government must create the greatest military commander in history. The...

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Evangelium podle Marka / The Gospel of Mark + MP3

kolektív autorov

Biblické křesťanské náměty tvoří součást světové kultury. Formovaly jazyky, pořekadla a idiomy, vyrůstaly z nich umělecké styly. Anglicko-česká verze Markova evangelia je určena pro studenty...

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Roth Philip

The fate of Roth's Everyman is traced from his first shocking confrontation with death on the idyllic beaches of his childhood summers and during his hospitalisation as a nine-year-old surgical...

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Everything is Illuminated

Foer Jonathan Safran

'An astonishing feat' THE TIMES A young man arrives in the Ukraine, clutching in his hand a tattered photograph. He is searching for the woman who fifty years ago saved his grandfather from the...

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Extremely Loud & Incredible Close

Foer Jonathan Safran

Jonathan Safran Foer emerged as one of the most original writers of his generation with his best-selling debut novel, Everything Is Illuminated. Now, with humor, tenderness, and awe, he confronts...

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Bukowski Charles

Henry Chinaski, an outcast, a loner and a hopeless drunk, drifts around America from one dead-end job to another, from one woman to another and from one bottle to the next. Uncompromising, gritty,...

Naša cena: 10,40 €

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Fantastic Mr Dahl

Rosen Michael

Life story of Roald Dahl, World's No.1 storyteller, creator of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr Fox, Matilda, The BFG, James and the Giant Peach and many more, brought to life by...

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Fantastické príbehy / Fantastic tales

Poe Edgar Allan

Dvojjazyčné spracovanie poviedok Edgara Alana Poa - na ľavej strane je pôvodný text a vpravo preklad do slovenčiny - uľahčuje prácu s knihou a odpadá tak zdĺhavé vyhľadávanie slovíčok v slovníku!...

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Farewell Waltz

Kundera Milan

Klima, a celebrated jazz trumpeter, receives a phone call announcing that a young nurse with whom he spent a brief night at a fertility spa is pregnant. She has decided he is the father.And so...

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Farther Away

Franzen Jonathan

The new book of essays from Jonathan Franzen, author of Freedom. Jonathan Franzen's 'Freedom' was the runaway most-discussed novel of 2010, an ambitious and searching engagement with life in...

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First Love, Last Rites

McEwan Ian

A talented and genuine imaginative writer. McEwan's details often grow into strange, powerful images-the ironies, throughout this impressive collection, are tellingly weighted Julian Barnes Taut,...

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Flaubert's Parrot

Barnes Julian

Geoffrey Braithwaite is a retired doctor haunted by an obsession with the great French literary genius, Gustave Flaubert. As Geoffrey investigates the mystery of the stuffed parrot Flaubert...

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Foucault's Pendulum

Eco Umberto

Three book editors, jaded by reading far too many crackpot manuscripts on the mystic and the occult, are inspired by an extraordinary conspiracy story told to them by a strange colonel to have some...

Naša cena: 12,90 €

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